Cat Show Sets of quality,  especially made to enhance the beautiful cats on exhibition.




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Updated: 25/09/2017

Included in these sets are a padded base [4oz polyester wadding],
duvet, catnip toy, 1 cushion and a pair of tiebacks .
The 3 inner curtains are NOT lined although the pelmet and front curtains
are fully lined, and all the curtains are the same generous size as my Top of the Range .
I have also included a Penned In SIGNATURE BAG.

JULY only
£75.00 including FREE POST

Yellow Butterfly - £89.00 plus £7.50 post

A  lovely set made in a bright sunny yellow butterfly patterned brocade . The set is fully padded, the fronts are fully lined, the base and duvet are reversible and it comes with a signature bag.

Golden Animal - £89.00 plus £7.50 post [Fully Insured]

A beautiful black, brown and soft gold animal print set
which has plain black satin reverse on the 22" padded duvet and the base .
The fronts are fully lined, the base is padded with 4oz polyester wadding.
The set includes one cushion, a catnip toy, elasticated litter tray cover,
and a matching signature bag.

Harlequin - £89.00 plus £7.50 post [Fully Insured]

A fabulous set made in multi coloured harlequin and bright emerald green satin.

The base is padded and the fronts are fully lined.
The padded duvet and base are reversible from plain to patterned,
and I have included litter tray ruffles in both colours.
The cushion and tiebacks have gold/pearl centres.
The set includes a catnip toy and signature bag.


Soft peach- £89.00 plus £7.50 post [Fully Insured]

A soft shade of shell peach flower patterned jacquard creates a really pretty set
which includes padded base, padded duvet,1 cushion decorated
with a bow to match the tiebacks, elasticated litter tray cover and catnip toy.
The front pelmet and curtains are lined, the 3 inner curtains are unlined .
I have used both the matt and shiny side of the fabric on the base, duvet and cushion.
This set is light weight and comes in a signature bag.




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