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Question: What is the cost of Postage and Packaging for One Set? {there is a reduction for additional items}


Question: What is included in a set ?
Answer: Everything that is included in the photograph, plus a complimentary bag.

Question: What size pen do these sets fit ?
Answer: Standard double pen (4ftx2ft)

Question: Can I have a set for a single pen?
Answer : Yes, I can make one for you

Question: What is the padding made of ?
Answer: I use 6oz polyester wadding in all my pen bases and cushions have an inner of the wadding with polyester filling inside.


Question: Can I wash a set?
Answer: Yes, if it is satin you can wash the base, litter ruff, bed/duvet, curtains, on a 30 to 40degrees,delicate wash. You cannot machine decorated cushions but can hand wash them. Velvet can be dry cleaned.

Question: Will a deposit hold a set until I have enough money?
Answer: A deposit of £20 will reserve the set for 14 days - after which it is NON refundable.


Question: What happens if I commission a set, and decide later, that I no longer want it?
Answer: There will be a CANCELLATION FEE of £25.00.

Question: How does the set fit into the pen?
Answer: I mainly use wires - they are no longer supplied with the sets, BUT you can buy 12” to 4 metres of wire and 8 hooks £2.50 if bought with a set [not sold seperately].

Question: Can I pick a set from the website and have it made the same but different colour?
Answer :Yes, I can make similar sets to the ones ready made in different colour options.

Question: What if I like a particular set but I want a cheaper version?
Answer: I will do my best to find a cheaper fabric and trims to give a similar "look" if possible.


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